This course is primarily concerned with literacy studies particularly the social practices and social views/conceptions of reading and writing. The theoretical focus here is on models of literacy/literacies including the more recent ideological view of literacy which sees literacy practices in terms of power and ideology in society. At the same time, the course seeks to explore the meanings and uses of literacy in different cultures and societies focusing upon the Malaysian multilingual/ cultural context. The course will attempt to ground the study of literacies within inter-disciplinary literature offered in linguistics, sociology, anthropology, psychology and education. The view taken is essentially a qualitative ethnographic one where an understanding of literacy is seen in the context of in-depth participant accounts of actual practice within and across diverse cultural sites viz. families, schools, workplaces, spiritual and global spaces. The course is committed to engaging the voices of multilinguals and /or those interested in language and literacies in diverse multicultural spaces.